Monday, July 25, 2005

4th post of the day

I swear I'm working today. In fact I have tons of work to do.

I want another tattoo before I get too old. I think after 25 you have to take a test to prove that you are cool enough to receive a tattoo, and I don't think I would pass said test.

So what sparked this need? My mom (also known as B.M.E.)was going to get a tattoo for her 50th birthday. Don't worry she's cool enough to pass the test, as I can guarantee she can out drink any of you people. But she has decided against it. And now the idea is in my head. Ugh, must try and talk myself out of it.

Really it would be cool. Just a small star on my foot. Not my ankle and not the top of my foot, but rather the inside heel part. And just one star.

Maybe I'll draw one on with a sharpie to see how it looks.

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