Monday, August 15, 2005

99 bottles of beer in my belly

Friday night I learned a very important lesson. Never allow a drunk girl access to her wedding accessories. After consuming 2 bottles of wine (not by herself) Pam disappeared only to reappear in her pink crinoline, wedding veil, and incredibly high heels, As seen here. (Sorry some of the pics are sideways, I'm working on fixing that) After doing some fun bridal model poses including, but not limited to humping the wall and cat back, Pam decided to mock cheesy wedding pictures everywhere. Enter Alex into the picture. So not only did Pam do the cheesy "Oh, my veil just happened to blow over our heads right as we were kissing!" picture, but she put a lesbian interracial twist on it. And then I decided to get involved and pop out of the bottom of her crinoline. We should have stopped drinking but no, we then moved from Pam's house to the Pub. That's where the ice cream picture comes from. Because really after consuming wine and beer nothing sits better in your stomach than ice cream.

So that was Friday.

Now let's skip to Saturday night.

Umm, I drank a lot. Like a whole lot. And somehow after many many beers, the picture topic turned to crothes. Not naked crotches, so don't get all excited. But anyway, here you go. I don't know what we were thinking in most of these pics. Apparently Jason and Troy make a cute couple and like to cuddle up to each other in public. And if you give Mike the camera for even 5 seconds you'll end up with about 40 pictures of Mandy.

And then on Sunday I bought a ladder. And that folks, was my weekend.


  1. Sounds like a fun week-end. I've trained you well. I noticed that you and Jason have the same color eyes (when they're open). What's with the ladder?

  2. I needed a ladder as you genetically created a short person. And being short I can't reach the ceiling fans or hang pictures in my house.

  3. Sorry, I forgot that you were a genetic mutant.