Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I wanna be a cornflake girl

So I was planning a trip to Austin even before Hurricane Katrina for the Tori Amos concert and so far the plan is to still get to the concert. In fact I'm so weirdly obsessed with Tori that I'm leaving Houston obscenely early to get to an Austin bookstore where Tori is doing a signing.

Yup, the plan is to meet and tell her my tale of woe. I don't want pity, I just want to shake Tori's hand and maybe score some backstage passes.

Actually I like to pretend that I'll be able to form coherent sentences when I meet her, but I'll probably just be drooling and nodding my head like a mad woman. I should type it all out and pin it to my shirt so Tori knows what the hell I'm attempting to say to her.

I have always been bizarrely and possibly criminally obsessed with Tori but in this strange time of unemployment and homelessness I'm hinging a lot of emotions on her and her concert. It's weird, like if I can just see her in person and shake her hand somehow I'll be fine. I'll be okay moving to another city where I have no friends or family. I'll be okay looking for a new job when I don't even have a resume or anything other than jeans to wear to interviews. I'll be okay trying to finish my degree and transferring all my credits to a new college.

I'm thinking that somehow this can't turn out well. Wish me luck.

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