Thursday, August 4, 2005

No more visitors!

I really don't mind when people want to come to New Orleans for a vacation. The part that always gets me is when they want to go out drinking I can't help but go with them. On a week night. When I have to be at work for 8:30 the next day.

You like how I pinned this hangover on Joe? Like some how it's his fault that Nacho Mama's was having 2 for 1 Corona's. Or that someone in our group knew our waitress and she brought over free tequila shots. Or that we had Vanilla Stoli and Diet Coke when we got home. Damn you Joe!

I have a few pics from Nacho Mama's. I'll post them here after work tonight.

I think we might have even called my Mom last night. Yay for drunk dialing.

Tonight there is a dinner planned with some girl friends of mine at Superior Grill. I'm not going to drink any margarita's. Nope, not one. I will demonstrate astounding self-control. But then agian, I am off of work on Friday so I could sleep in and not have to deal with my hangover...


  1. Yes, ya'll did do some drunk dialing last night. Seems like it was the night for it. I got a drunk call from your aunt right after I hung up with Jason. Guess I was the only sober family member.

  2. Wow Mom, you were the only sober family member?!? I guess there's a first time for everything.

  3. I blame my hangover on my magical glass that would never empty. Every time I looked down it magically refilled itself;-)