Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rock you like a hurricane

If you are reading this and you are from New Orleans please post your current location in the comments area so I know you are safe. My cell phone reception is HORRIBLE right now and I can barely get in touch with anyone.

Am tired.

I left New Orleans Saturday night at 8:00 pm and arrived in Baton Rouge at 11:30 pm, mainly due to the fact that contraflow sucks and is very easy to get lost on. After sleeping for roughly 2 to 3 hours we got up and prepared to leave for Houston. We were on the road for 6:30 am and arrived in Houton at about 1:00 pm.

Traffic was smooth mainly the whole way, except for at one point when we hit a dead stand still. I could see cop lights ahead so I knew we were all slowing down to rubbernack at an accident. Figuring since every person on the road was running for their lives and only an AWESOME accident would slow us all down I prepared to see a body without a head on the side of the road. But when I got close I saw that we were all slowing down to watch some guy change his tire. Yes, the entire city of New Orleans is running from the worst hurricane in history and we must slow down to rubbernack a GUY CHANGING HIS TIRE. I wanted to kill someone. Fucking morons.


I might leave for Austin tomorrow or the next day depending on when our hosts kick us out. We will definately be in Austin for Friday because I'm not letting an evucation stop me from getting to the Tori amos concert.

I have computer access and email and since you are reading this I'm assuming you do too, so please feel free to email me. Or call me if you have my number and can get through.

Be safe.

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  1. oscarlovescrawfishAugust 28, 2005 at 6:13 PM

    I'm glad you guys are safe. I had no problem with contraflow. We made it to Houston in about 7 hours, there was a little bit of traffic near Beaumont, TX because of a traffic accident.