Monday, August 15, 2005

Those Godless Bastards at Hershey's

Step by step guide of how to get fat:
1. Stop to buy a Gatorade after a hard workout but find that Hershey's now makes a special edition, limited time only, chocolate stuffed chocolate bar.
2. Buy said choco bar because you just know if you don't buy it now those bastards at Hershey's will stop making it right when you really need one.
3. Eat whole choco stuffed choco bar before you drive away from the gas station so know one will ever know your shame of falling prey to the unaccounted for deliciousness of a choco stuffed choco bar.


  1. 4. Don't tell anyone that you bought said choco bar.
    5. D'oh!

  2. That's kind of like eating a whole large bag of chips as you drive home from the grocery store. Been there!