Monday, August 22, 2005

Tonight I have class and I have to go to school as well

Tonight starts my 59th semester of classes at UNO. yup, 59 semesters and I'm no closer to obtaining my degree than I was at 18.

I've been a General Studies major for 2 semesters now, but just to keep things interesting and to push graduation further away I've recently switched my focus from "Society and Literature" to "Business and Society". ummm yeah, they are just a skosh different (you happy now Jason, skosk, you bastard?!?)

So this means I have to venture into the world of business classes. And more sociology classes that I'm comfortable with. And, much to my displeasure, no more English classes.

Tonight I have a sociology class titled, Feminist Theory. Tomorrow I have my first business class but right now I can't recall it's title.

Sigh, wish me luck.


  1. Oh yeah, I'm also real proud of the 59 semester thing. It's also called "career student".

  2. I can see it now, you're going to do really well in the business class that you can't remember the title. I'll do your homework for a fee (or maybe a daquiri).

  3. Mom, you know 59 semesters was an exaggeration, as 59 semesters translates to 29.5 years.

  4. That could be correct for all I know. I gave up keeping track about 6 years ago.