Monday, August 1, 2005

Weekend Recap

Things I did this weekend:

1. Went and saw Jason's new baby niece. Did not go all gooey over the baby like everyone else. In fact didn't even hold the baby. Is it wrong that all I could think when I saw the baby was "Did I take my birth control pill last night?"
2. Saw The Island. Dear Mr. Michael Bay you owe me 12 hours of my life. Plus the $7.50 it cost me to see your crap-tastic movie. This movie proved that even hottie Ewan McGregor can't save every movie he's in.
3. Went out drinking with Joe and Jason. Drink an orchid worth of cider and did my first kamikaze shot. ick, too lime-ish.
4. Watch as Jason got tricked into shaving his head. hehehehehe
5. Did laundry and left a bunch of bras at my Mom's house. Mom, I would say please don't wear them but we all know you won't fill out the cups.
6. Hung a cat from my face. I say that like I was a willing participant. I was not. Tangi simply grabbed hold of my face with her claws and would not let go. It hurt and I don't recommend it.


  1. First comment post!!!!!

  2. I would have been first but it took me forever to figure out how to post.

    I think the site looks great!

    Oh yea, about the bras - I donated them to the bowling alley as ball holders.