Friday, September 2, 2005

Bad Luck and me are bestest friends

You remember how in my other Tori-centric post I said this weird obsession with getting to Tori in this time of need could not end well? I could not have been more right.

I didn't get to her at the booksigning. They did a lottery drawing of names for folks that would get to see her, and yup, I didn't win. Even crying like a fool and explaining that I'm from New Orleans got me no where. Okay, well it got me some strange looks, but that's it.

Next up is the concert. I carefully packed the tickets when evucating New Orleans. I checked the bag a few times to make sure they were there. Well leaving Houston this morning I didn't double check them, I simply believed that when Jason said he had them, that he had them. When we got to Austin I went to look for the tickets to see what time the show started and the tickets were MIA. He swears they were in my purse, but I never saw them. I think maybe he thought they were in my purse but that they are really on a nice plaid chair somewhere.

So far I haven't cried. I know I'm being stupid, especially since in this horrible time of destruction I have so much to be thankful for, but seeing Tori was the one "normal" pre hurricane things I had left. I might cry later, but right now, just like everything else I don't think it's sunk in.

Can anyone forward my blog to Tori and have her email me? Or how about someone pretend to be Tori and email me, that might make me smile even if it's stupid.


  1. Losing the hard drive in my computer made me cry. I hadn't cried, and haven't since, but losing my laptop's hard drive made me a quivering idjit.

    Of course, I've not lost my house nor my job, but my CRAZY SHREW of a mother in law is here and I've watched a LITTLE too much CNN and am a little overwhelmed.

    Glad you and Jason are okay. Sorry about the concert. You'll see her again soon.