Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm part of a worldwide phenomenon

First I've got to say I find it very funny that there are no comments on the past few posts but I'm getting emails from everyone commenting that way. Just so everyone knows, yes I do still have readers and yes I am still popular.

Second I'm working on a new and improved masthead. It should be up shortly, so stay tuned.

Third is that I have a raging Sudoku addiction. Just what is sudoku? It's basically a Japanese crossword puzzle that uses numbers instead of letters and requires no math skills. It's also, according to my book, a worldwide phenomenon. You can find some puzzles online but really you need them on paper in front of you to be able to properly work them out. I bought a Sudoku book on Sunday and by Monday I was so freaking addicted that a whole day's worth of class notes fell prey to the blasted book.

And I know you are going to want your own Sudoku book Mom, so I'm mailing one to you with your birthday present. I'm such an awesome daughter.

1 comment:

  1. Cool, it sounds like something I'll like. Remember how I'd stay up all night working on crossword puzzles? Guess what, I go back to work on Tuesday. At least for a couple of months. Can't get in touch with the hair dresser so I'm doing a home job today. Highlighting and everything. May end up like that woman in the horror movies that had the white lightening shaped stripe.