Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This woman gets me, and I get her.

here's the backstory:
The Arboretum is the main mall in Austin, or rather it's the only mall I can find. But it's not a mall, it's an outdoor shopping center. And when you want a mall the Arboretum just won't do.

The following is a conversation that happened between me, Random Woman Shopping (RWS), and a Bath and Body Works employee (BBWE).

RWS: "Where is the mall here?"
BBWE: "The Arboretum is a mall"
RWS: "No, I mean where is the mall?"
BBWE: "Well the Arboretum has plenty of stores and is beautiful to stroll through"
RWS: "It's nice, but I'm used to real malls, do you have one around here?"
BBWE just looks at her
me: "I understand, the arboretum's really nice, but sometimes you just need a real mall. "
RWS: "Thank you!"

This woman and I just got each other.

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