Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Haunting

Happy Halloween all!

I wish I had some great and exciting plans to tell everyone about so that the image of me in your heads remained a cool and hip one, but such is not the case. Tonight I'm heading over to Jeff and Aim's house to hand out candy to Trick or Treaters and to celebrate Jason's birthday (we are celebrating late as his birthday was the 22nd).

No costumes tonight either. Well, not unless you count me wearing a black shirt and Jason wearing an orange one costumes, I don't, I consider it more coordinating our wardrobes. We did dress up Saturday night to go to a haunted house and then a small party which ended up disbanding right when we got there.

Jason was in California when we were invited to the party and left me in charge of outfitting him for Halloween. His only rule was "No dresses" so I came up with the grand idea of me being a witch and him being my black cat. No dress required, simply a black body suit, cat ears, and a tail. Unfortunaly I kept waiting to take pictures of him dressed up and ended up not taking any. Those that saw him in person can attest to the fact that if was pretty damn funny. Oh, did I mention his pink rhinestone collar? Yeah, it was pretty amusing.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ben Folds take me away

Last night I dreamt I was at a parade in which Ben Folds was going to be on a makeshift float. Everyone was going on and on about how they know him and they such good friends with him but when his float passed he called out my name and handed me a CamelBak full of rum punch. Take that all you freaks who thought you were friends wih him! Ben Folds knows MY name and he gave ME rum punch!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lazy Lily

Since arriving in Austin the cats have really flourished; their coats look shiner, their attitudes are better, and they play more.

Lily, however, has gone the exact opposite direction. She lays around all day only moving if Jason goes and bothers her. She doesn't even get excited when I come home anymore. I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong with her health-wise, she was recently at the vet and received a good bill of health.

I think living with Jason has just sucked the will to live right out of her.


Searching for a graphic designer

Seriously folks, I'm willing to pay money to get my blog fixed up real purdy, but no one seems to want to take on the challenge. I swear I won't be picky or demanding. And if you don't want to take on the job, but can recommend someone that might want to make a little extra money please let me know.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Back to work I go

After finally escaping the chains of retail employment I'm returning to it tomorrow, and honestly I'm a little excited. It's not so much an excitement to be going back to B&N but more of an excitement to have something to do every day besides go to school.

Oh and did I mention that B&N is in the same mall as Sephora (actually they are separated by a street, but still it's close). Hell yeah, lunch hour visits to makeup heaven.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Life is boring at this moment

Where in the hell have I been? I mean, who am I to leave all my faithful readers Regan-less for days at a time? Shame on me.

I guess part of the problem is that since I am now unemployeed I should have tons of time to type new blog entries, but really I have less time. And much much less computer access.

In case you haven't noticed I changed how pictures are linked on my sidebar. I now have a Flickr account and add pictures to it pretty frequently. You can check those out to see my smiling face. Or how cute my animals are. I also have a new digital camera and while the quality of the pictures are really good, the person taking the pictures (me) still has no knack for photography, so please don't expect anything too amazing. Mom, why didn't you pass down some photography DNA to me?!?

What else is new? ummm, I have packed on the pounds since the hurricane and therefore joined Curves. Most of the time when I'm there working out, I'm the youngest person by about 30 years. But damn it feels good to kick the asses of those grannies. I mean older, more dignified woman (sorry Mom, I forgot you're old too now).

Not much else is new. I went for an interview at Barnes and Noble today. I figured it's getting a job without having to put too much into the search. You know, not moving out of my comfot zone. Kind of like the comfortable old pajamas that you can't get rid of no matter how shabby and falling apart they get. My god I sound lazy and unmotivated.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Pictures from the house

In case I haven't sent you the link to the pictures from my house you can click here to see them. Not only did the house get about 3 feet of water, but the roof came apart over the back two rooms and the ceiling fell down. Stuff from my attic now covers the bed.

The best part is that thanks to possibly having the wrong insurance policy I will be getting no money for the damage to my personal property (I rented so I really could care less about the house damages). Wonderful.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Going back to NOLA

I'm going back to New Orleans for the weekend to do a recon mission at my house. Doesn't look promising but I'll take pics and post them here when I'm back.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Jason speak

Sometimes Jason speaks foreign languages and he then has to be his own translator:

Jason explaining to me about remote controls:

So the tooka refers to the actual remote. "Please hand me the tooka"
"Please tooka" means you only want to fast forward slow.
"Please tooka tooka" means fast forward twice.
"Tooka tooka tooka" means fast forward all the way.
And remember the tooka is only the Tivo remote. No other remotes can be tookas.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Cat nap

I am obsessed with watching Tangi sleep. I think I've developed this obsession because in her normal life she could rip my hand off, play with it for a few hours, and then dump it in the toilet without so much as a second thought. But when she's asleep she looks so sweet and calm. If I didn't know better I would try and cuddle with her.

Perfectly positioned

Computing is hard

I dare you to rub her stomach

The sudoku addiction grows

I've passed my addiction on! It's unstoppable.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Last night I dreamt I was Mo Rocca and that I was being attacked by monsters that could only be defeated by dumping cheddar cheese sauce on them.

I don't know what I ate before I went to bed (no, it wasn't a Warm Delight as mention in my previous post) but I think I shouldn't eat it again after midnight.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

getting fat has never been easier

Holy Crap, there is a god and I know he loves me because he created Betty Crocker Warm Delights.

Seriously folks you need to go spend the $1.98 and buy yourself one of these. The "cooking" insturctions are really easy: Add a skosk of water, microwave for 45 seconds, top with ice cream, have orgasm.

ummm, I have to go now, I think the microwave just dinged.