Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Haunting

Happy Halloween all!

I wish I had some great and exciting plans to tell everyone about so that the image of me in your heads remained a cool and hip one, but such is not the case. Tonight I'm heading over to Jeff and Aim's house to hand out candy to Trick or Treaters and to celebrate Jason's birthday (we are celebrating late as his birthday was the 22nd).

No costumes tonight either. Well, not unless you count me wearing a black shirt and Jason wearing an orange one costumes, I don't, I consider it more coordinating our wardrobes. We did dress up Saturday night to go to a haunted house and then a small party which ended up disbanding right when we got there.

Jason was in California when we were invited to the party and left me in charge of outfitting him for Halloween. His only rule was "No dresses" so I came up with the grand idea of me being a witch and him being my black cat. No dress required, simply a black body suit, cat ears, and a tail. Unfortunaly I kept waiting to take pictures of him dressed up and ended up not taking any. Those that saw him in person can attest to the fact that if was pretty damn funny. Oh, did I mention his pink rhinestone collar? Yeah, it was pretty amusing.


  1. Next time I will have to be more specific, "No dress and nobodies bitch!"

  2. I just hope that body suit wasn't...uh... too conforming.