Thursday, October 6, 2005

Jason speak

Sometimes Jason speaks foreign languages and he then has to be his own translator:

Jason explaining to me about remote controls:

So the tooka refers to the actual remote. "Please hand me the tooka"
"Please tooka" means you only want to fast forward slow.
"Please tooka tooka" means fast forward twice.
"Tooka tooka tooka" means fast forward all the way.
And remember the tooka is only the Tivo remote. No other remotes can be tookas.


  1. That could be cute if it wasn't so insanely odd.

  2. Sara, You sound like some one that I would have dated/did date in high school. *cough* *regan* *cough* Uncanny!

  3. > “Please tooka” means you only want to fast forward slow.

    "Fast forward slow"? Is that like "Fast slow motion"?

  4. No, silly. That's the first fast-forward. Instead of the fast fast forward and the fast forward that will get you to the very end of the show you're watching within the blink of an eye.

    And "tooka" is minor compared with some of the stuff Jason screamed at me back in the day. Something about tundras and butter.