Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Flickr Fun

Since I got my new camera I've been hopelessly addicted to flickr.com, which is the online site I've been uploading pictures to. (By the way you people should all ready know this since I have a link to it on my sidebar, hello, is anyone awake out there?)

Really the addicting part is not the uploading of my pictures but the slightly voyeuristic way you can look at everyone else's pictures.

"Oh look, Suzy added pictures of her giving birth in a pool full of water!"

"Do we know a Suzy?"

"Hell no, but look at the baby's head shooting out of her vagina!"

And the damn flickr groups. Flickr groups are people that basically add pictures to various picture pools based on themes such as color schemes, numbers, or subjects. I'm currently a member of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force group, What's In My Bag, and the Sequential Numbers group.

ATHF is just a group that takes pictures of the charaters from this show in various random places. I only joined because the ThunderCloud Subs near B&N has a Master Shake nailed to the wall and I wanted to submit it to the group. Honestly I just wanted to seem cool.

Sequential Numbers group is really fun. Basically they started with 1 and take pictures of each number in order working their way up. Right now they are on number 56. I actually like this game so much I'm thinking of starting back at 1 and playing on my own. Maybe I'll add it to the sidebar of this site. Yup, real excitement here on formation of me!

And finally my favorite group: What's In My Bag. It's just like the title says, pictures of the crap that people carry around with them all day. But if you're nosey like me, it's the perfect solution to not being able to dig through other people's purses. I have taken a picture of Maple's guts yet, but plan on doing it any day now.

*Not an actual conversation, just one that occured in my head

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