Friday, November 18, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane

I rode on a really small plane today. Like really small. The kind of plane that crashes and burns all of the time.

And don't tell me that flying in a small plane is just as safe as flying in a big one. I watch Lost, I know what kind of bad things can happen to airplanes.


  1. Ok a prop plane and a 777 crashed on Lost. Neither of which you flew today. So by your logic you should be safe because you aren't flying on the planes that crash.

  2. No, all planes crash, that was my point. Now won't you feel bad if my small plane crashes on the way home and I die.

  3. Oh my god. Flying is one of my worst fears. You can't make a control freak kid like me take her feet off the ground and expect her to remain calm.

    And last night on ER, a plane blew up in the sky, and I was like hyperventilating and crying because that's my worst fear, dying on a plane. My mom told me to shush and go watch something else. :X maybe I should have waited until you didn't have to fly anymore to be all negative about planes? My bad. GOOD LUCK. ;)

  4. yeah, thanks Sara, that's going to make me REALLY REALLY want to get back on the crash and burn plane.

    Jason, can you come pick me up in Missouri?

  5. Dragon!!!
    Where are you in Missouri? I flew in a tiny plane in Maine a couple summers ago, seriously, there weren't even 10 people on it. Crazy stuff. Okay, just wanted to say hi.