Monday, November 7, 2005

A world full of idiots

I always thought New Orleans was full of idiots but now that I'm working in Austin I can see no matter where you go the idiots will be waiting for you.

customer: "I'm looking for a book called Mac Beth (when you say it in your head, say it so it's 2 words). I think the author's last name is Speare."
me: "Yeah, that's MacBeth by Shakespeare."
customer: "Yeah, that's it! Mac Beth by Shakes Speare!"

customer: "I'm looking for a book and I know it has something to do with time."
me: "Do you know if time is in the title?"
customer: "It might be but I don't know"
me: "Do you know the author's name?"
customer: "No"
me: "Is it a fiction book?"
customer: "I don't know."
me: "Well, I really need more information than that to find a book. If I just do a keyword search for 'time' I'm going to have way too many titles pull up. If you can find more information we can help you search then."
customer: "That's not good, your sign says you can find any book in print"
me: "Well, that's any book in print, if the customer has enough information about it. Any book in print within reason"


  1. haha, I especially like the Shakespeare one. XD

  2. Too bad you can't just bitch slap customers. I don't recommend calling a customer a stupid cunt if you want to keep your job. Of course, I wouldn't know about such things like that. Vulgarity is sooo unlike me.