Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Get Your Tivos Ready!

Project Runway Season 2 has started tonight!

All hail Banana Republic and Bravo for creating the best reality show ever!


  1. wtf was up with that extremely uncomfortable "i'm so zen it's nauseating" crying fit that guy had. gross. anyway, I LOVE THAT SHOW.

    ps. why was pregnant Heide Klum still skinnier than I will probably ever be...?

  2. I take craps bigger than pregnant Heidi Klum.

    I love that this season they all seem like total bitchy drama queens. Oh wait, they were all total bitchy drama queens last season too. That's the best damn thing about PR (Project Runway to all you boring nonfans out there).

    I like the geeky girl best. She won't win, but I like her for trying.