Sunday, December 18, 2005

Help me guess my gift

My mom bought me a Christmas present and these are the clues I was given about it:

1. It can't be mailed
2. She's keeping half because...
3. ...It's awesome
4. It's going to make me feel like a grown up.

I don't know whether to be excited or scared. Any guesses as to what it is?


  1. ok, could that be any effing harder?
    i'm still thinking...

  2. 1. A dimebag of the finest ganja
    2. A house
    3. A bag o' jewelry (a.k.a. bling)
    4. Her gun collection
    5. Half ownership of a Vietnamese restaurant

  3. 1. If it were a dimebag of ganja I probably wouldn't get any as she would keep it all.
    2. A mold filled house!!!
    3. Ice from my mom sweeeet
    4. Oscar, how did you know my mom hearts guns? I'm not getting that collection until she's dead though.
    5. If I get the restaurant will you come work for me?

  4. I can definitely work for you as long as there is free food involved. I also can't say how much work I'll actually do.

  5. 1. Stock options.
    2. Makeup.
    3. Bifocals.
    4. Cold hard cash.
    5. A wedding.
    6. A honeymoon.

  6. hmmm, I really like the honeymoon idea but I'm not sure I want my mom keeping half of that. I mean she likes Jason but we don't want her liking him THAT much.

  7. just for shits and giggles:

    *the deed to a house (not mold filled)

    *a trust fund (ha)

    *a new car (don't ask me to explain)

    *a cambodian orphan (unless they've changed the mailing restrictions).

    I also really like the guesses of bling, weed, and stock options.

  8. I hope I don't get the poopy half of the puppy. That would be no fun.

    I hope I don't get the poopy end of the Cambodian orphan. That would be no fun.