Friday, January 27, 2006

Allergy Frenzy

Question: How many allergy drugs can one person be on at a time?

Answer: 5. Flonase, Zyrtec, Singulair, Allegra, and some kind of eye drops.

Dizziness is fun.


  1. That does not sound good. Remember when I was on allergy shots a couple of times a week, plus about every medication you mentioned above? Didn't need any of it. Make sure you're not allergic to something you take everyday. Like birth control, or vitamins, or whatever. Doctors love to load their patients up on meds.

  2. I took two Midol the other day at work...yeah, can we say shaky?? And then, I have this amazing Flexeril (muscle relaxer) for my back that they gave me when they didn't know what was wrong with, that stuff was fun...on another note, I was walking around campus the other day and I felt the urge to bust out 1 and 20, and then it made me sad, because it just wouldn't be the same...

  3. hahaha, I've been hyped up and shaky on Midol at school (which actually isn't good because after a week of that I developed a caffeine dependency and had horrible headaches without it), and recently while I was at Rummel T I took three different kinds of cold medicine and walked around for an entire day completely numb to any kind of physical sensation... it was great fun. XD

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