Sunday, January 8, 2006

Sometimes customers aren't so bad

Today I was showing a very nice lady where the astrology books are located in the store. When we arrived at the section there was another woman standing directly in front of it, blocking every title on the shelf from view. After asking her politely to move a few times and getting no response at all my customer, I mean my new favorite customer in the whole damn world, told her "If you are just going to camp out here and block everyone from looking at the books I can go get you a tent from REI. I think it would make it clear to every one else that these are your's and no one but you can shop for an astrology book."

The other woman just stared at her blankly and wandered off. I, however, threw myself on my favorite customer, proclaimed her my one true Lord God and offered to sacrifice a kitten in her name.

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  1. They would worship the new favorite customer on this website: