Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We believe in you for 10 Earth minutes

On the way back to NOLA Jason and I stopped to have brunch with Dan and Erin and afterwards they introduced us to a wonderfully addictive video game called Katamari. There is no good way to describe the game but here goes: You are the son of the King of the Cosmos and you must roll a sticky ball around Earth to collect items to rebuild the sky. Yup, sounds pretty stupid right? Well it's not, it's totally awesome. Like play it once and go buy a Playstation 2 immeditaly so you can continue to play in your own home, awesome.

After playing for a bit, Jason and I got back in the car to complete our journey. We had driven about a mile when I couldn't help but turn to him and say "Thank god you're driving because I SOOOO want to run into that lamp post and see if it sticks to the Cooper."

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mardi Gras Observations

Some things I've noticed about Mardi Gras this year are:

1. The parades are much shorter and faster moving because of a lack of school marching bands. I miss the bands.

2. Bacchus has a couple of floats that are known as the floats that it's okay to throw beads at. It's okay because these floats conatin no riders and the tractor drivers are protected from the flying beads. But apparently parade-goers have decided that ANY float can be a 'throw your beads at it float' which really upsets me. It upsets me because now the very beautiful floats in Endymion and Bacchus were so covered with beads that you couldn't see what the hell the front decoration was supposed to be and because the floats contain riders that were being hit with beads. The crowds weren't being mean, they weren't throwing at the riders, just the front decoration, but they were still hitting the front few riders. If that were me on the float I would have been pissed. Very very pissed. How disrespectful of us as parade-goers.

3. It's not as crowded along the routes as usual. That makes me sad.

Friday, February 24, 2006

stupid internet explorer

It has come to my attention that if you view my site using internet explorer it doesn't come up correctly. I suggest using Firefox for all your internet browsing needs if you can. If you can't download Firefox, and wish to continue to read my site all of the links and other stuff are going to be towards the end of the page, on the right sidebar. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Walking to New Orleans

I'm off to Mardi Gras now. Check back for pictures and updates since I'm going to have the iBook with me.


I'm so hardcore punk

You know you wish you were this cool
I'm so punk

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a miracle, I have a brain

I just realized that I've had the results from the CT Scan for a few days now and I never shared them on here. Well, they did find a brain, and fortunatly nothing else. Yup, no surgery needed, although Alex if you still want to bring your restraints over I won't object. I'm on a super charged course of antibiotics since the Doctor (who is not nearly as dorky as he is in his picture on that link) thinks this is all some deep rooted infection. This of course means no drinking during Mardi Gras. Ah well, health is more important than falling down drunk in front of a float and getting crushed to death. And not drinking also means that I'll have to own up to all the Popeye's I'm going to be eating since I usually blame the mass consumption of biscuits on the booze, you know you NEED them to soak up the alcohol.

Since no one else wanted to take up the task of making me a better website, Jason has started the task on his own. It's still not completed, especially since I don't like how certain things are on the side bars and I'm not thrilled with the picture on the top, but what can I do about it? I mean besides learn computer design skills, and photoshop, and put together the site on my own. I'm just too lazy to do all of that stuff; Jason designing it is much easier.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All Hail the King Cake

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the rest of America doesn't celebrate Mardi Gras. Which explains why, when I finally found a king cake in Austin and brought it to work, only a few people knew what it was. Most of the others just looked at it and then looked at me like I was crazy for expecting them to eat a neon purple, green, and gold iced ring. The best description of what a king cake is that I could come up with was "it's iced, cinnamony, sugary goodness" but I think it would have been more accurate to say "it's the best alcohol sponge in the whole world"

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Confucius says: You're boring as bowl of rice

Today I got a fortune cookie with no fortune inside of it. Does that mean tomorrow I'm going to die? Or that my life is so boring and pointless that even a cookie won't take the time to come up with something good to say to me?

I went to Michael's today and bought some real icing bags and decorating tips for when I next make cupcakes. I will now have the ability to write on my cupcakes and will have to use restraint to keep myself from writing the most offensive things I can think of on them. I also bought some fun sprinkles to use on top of my offensive cupcakes. How sad is my life that sprinkles excite me? Maybe the fortune cookie has a point. hmph, stupid cookie.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's a holiday created by Hallmark...

After having to hear all about how Valentine's Day was created to make single people feel bad and how he hates shopping for greeting cards because they are stupid and pointless, Jason caved and got me a card. Not only did he get a card but he hid it in with the rest of the mail so I would find it when I went for my daily magazine pick up. AND he also made dinner reservations at a fancy burrito place here in Austin. The reservations were not for Tuesday night, because that would have been too much Valentine's type stuff for him on the actual day and because he forgot and they were booked solid for that night. So we are having the continuation of VD on Thursday night. Yeah for fancy burritos!

My last day at B&N is quickly approaching, and thank goodness as I have a crazy stalker manager that googled me to find my blog. Kidding. Jon, my crazy stalker manager that really isn't a stalker, found my blog and is now reading it with the rest of you. He told me I'm funny which just makes me have all kinds of pressure and anxiety that I'll simply internalize and use to make my ulcer bigger and more defined. Thanks for reading Jon!

The only other thing that's new is I've been on a cupcake kick. First I made vanilla ones with buttercream icing:

And then the next day I made chocolate with chocolate icing. (Sorry, no picture available). I've got to admit, I'm a baking genius and my cupcakes were awesome.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I'm going into a tube

I have a CT scan scheduled for today. Apparently my allergy problems may not be allergies at all but rather sinus problems. The CT scan will determine what in the hell's going on in my head and if I need to have any surgery done.

On a side note, I did some research on sinus surgery and scared the crap out of myself. Let's all hope I don't need surgery because I'm not going to let them do it willingly, leather restraints might have to be involved.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Coming soon to your TV!

I'm got an idea for a spectacular Easter special that I need to have created.

The idea is for a stop motion cartoon starring Peeps. I don't have the plot all worked out yet, but it's going to be something along the lines of Peeps saving Easter for kids all over the world. The title has to be "A Peep Show Easter" and I stand firm on that issue, but I'm flexible with other aspects of this production.

If anyone knows someone important at ABC, NBC, or CBS I'm willing to start negotiating with the networks for production rights.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Martha Stewart's Everyday Post

Lately I've been inundated with magazine subscription offers. For normal people these kind of offers are not a problem but for me, when checking the mail can be the highlight of my day, having a magazine subscription or 13, ensures that I'm guaranteed a treat at least once a month.

And to be perfectly honest, I'm just the biggest Martha Stewart slut that has ever lived. You see most of the offers I get I can pass by Glamour? No thank you! Cosmo? Not me! Cooking with Yams? well, maybe, No I mean NoNoNo! But when Martha sends me her subscription offers I can't help but sign up for not 1 year, not 2 years, but 3 years or longer. I just don't understand why she has this sick power over me.

It doesn't matter if it's Martha Stewart's Living, Martha Stewart's Everyday Food, or Martha Stewart's Euthanizing Puppies, I'm on board as soon as the offer hits my mailbox.

I know it's wrong to be a pawn to her, but really I'm quite happy living like this. I enjoy always have some fancy recipe, that I'll never be capable of making, on hand. Do I have a garden? No, but dammit I love knowing how to grow and prune roses. Do you know how to make a valentine's bouquet extra special just with some love sonnets and a silver spoon? No?!? Well guess what, I do and I'm better than you because of it! Thank you Martha for making me the best!

This post has a point value of 3

I know the whole point of going on weight watchers was to lose weight but dammit, my clothes don't fit anymore. What's most upsetting is that I just recently had to buy all of these clothes because I lost so many in Katrina. And clothes aren't cheap. I know I should be happy that the diet's working but I REALLY. LIKE. MY. NEW. CLOTHES.

Enough whining.

Okay, maybe a little more whining. But this will be the end of it I swear.

I have an appointment with an allergist today. Which means that I have an appointment with a doctor that is going to inject allergy inducing toxins into my skin with a bunch of needles. I would rather just move from Austin than go through with this.

hehehe, I'm turning into Jason with all the bitching I'm doing.