Monday, February 6, 2006

Coming soon to your TV!

I'm got an idea for a spectacular Easter special that I need to have created.

The idea is for a stop motion cartoon starring Peeps. I don't have the plot all worked out yet, but it's going to be something along the lines of Peeps saving Easter for kids all over the world. The title has to be "A Peep Show Easter" and I stand firm on that issue, but I'm flexible with other aspects of this production.

If anyone knows someone important at ABC, NBC, or CBS I'm willing to start negotiating with the networks for production rights.


  1. Would the Peeps be traditional yellow or feature the new color Peeps? Maybe the different colored Peeps could speak in foreign languages, or be punk or rap gansta' peeps. And the clay guy that Mr. Hand always hurts could make a guest appearance, and he could ride in on Pokey. Bet you could sell it to the comedy station.

  2. I like the idea of multi colored Peeps speaking other languages. One could be a Hindu Peep. An Easter special with a sacred cow, I love it.

    And I dig the idea of special guest appearances by other famous things. Maybe we could have other candies make appearances like gummy bears or gummy worms.

    Yes, it's all coming together now.

  3. Your mom said "gangsta."

    She is officially the coolest mother on the face of this boring planet.