Thursday, February 16, 2006

Confucius says: You're boring as bowl of rice

Today I got a fortune cookie with no fortune inside of it. Does that mean tomorrow I'm going to die? Or that my life is so boring and pointless that even a cookie won't take the time to come up with something good to say to me?

I went to Michael's today and bought some real icing bags and decorating tips for when I next make cupcakes. I will now have the ability to write on my cupcakes and will have to use restraint to keep myself from writing the most offensive things I can think of on them. I also bought some fun sprinkles to use on top of my offensive cupcakes. How sad is my life that sprinkles excite me? Maybe the fortune cookie has a point. hmph, stupid cookie.


  1. We went to eat at a place called Pei Wei's today. Really good food, but terrible fortunes. I think I would have rather had an empty fortune cookie than the one I got - The greatest danger could be your stupidity -
    Could it be true?

  2. wow, it sounds like PawPaw wrote your fortune cookie Mom.

  3. My friend got a fortune a few weeks ago that said "You are the crunchy noodle in the vegetarian soup of life." Do what? Definitely better than being called stupid though. Sorry, Regan's mom.

  4. Looking at the picture of the cupcakes has got me thinking...

    Since that woman has her Vegan Lunch Box blog, you should turn your blog into the Delicious Sin Box. I guarantee you'll get more hits than her. XD

  5. you know, I can only imagine the kinds of people that would accidently stumble across a blog called "delicious sin box". It's just too dirty to exist.

  6. You're right.

    That's one big Google mistake just waiting to happen.

  7. Mental note: while at work, don't type "Delicious Sin Box" into Google and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

    You should start a business selling offensive cupcakes. They wouldn't even have to be vulgar to be funny. You could get free mental capital from the likes of me, who can think of a way to offend anyone.

    For the heavies: "Not a good idea, fatty"
    For Jews and Muslims: "Made with real lard"
    For Southerners: "Made in New York City"
    For Louisianans: "Authentic King Cake"