Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I'm going into a tube

I have a CT scan scheduled for today. Apparently my allergy problems may not be allergies at all but rather sinus problems. The CT scan will determine what in the hell's going on in my head and if I need to have any surgery done.

On a side note, I did some research on sinus surgery and scared the crap out of myself. Let's all hope I don't need surgery because I'm not going to let them do it willingly, leather restraints might have to be involved.


  1. I've been wondering for years what was going on in your head! Finally a medically approved method to find out. I gotta endorse that.

    Let me know the results, I do worry.

  2. CT Scan is done. It's not quite a tube they put you in but rather a thick hula hoop that spins and makes you dizzy while you are laying on a moving bed.

    I'll have results in 3 or 4 days.

    Alex, if I need to I'm going to be borrowing your leather restraints. I think I still have them in my goodie drawer.

  3. Me next on the leather.... me and martha could use them