Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's a holiday created by Hallmark...

After having to hear all about how Valentine's Day was created to make single people feel bad and how he hates shopping for greeting cards because they are stupid and pointless, Jason caved and got me a card. Not only did he get a card but he hid it in with the rest of the mail so I would find it when I went for my daily magazine pick up. AND he also made dinner reservations at a fancy burrito place here in Austin. The reservations were not for Tuesday night, because that would have been too much Valentine's type stuff for him on the actual day and because he forgot and they were booked solid for that night. So we are having the continuation of VD on Thursday night. Yeah for fancy burritos!

My last day at B&N is quickly approaching, and thank goodness as I have a crazy stalker manager that googled me to find my blog. Kidding. Jon, my crazy stalker manager that really isn't a stalker, found my blog and is now reading it with the rest of you. He told me I'm funny which just makes me have all kinds of pressure and anxiety that I'll simply internalize and use to make my ulcer bigger and more defined. Thanks for reading Jon!

The only other thing that's new is I've been on a cupcake kick. First I made vanilla ones with buttercream icing:

And then the next day I made chocolate with chocolate icing. (Sorry, no picture available). I've got to admit, I'm a baking genius and my cupcakes were awesome.


  1. Your cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard...

  2. Oh my god.

    Throw me one of those please. O.O

  3. Is that real butter cream icing? OMG.