Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a miracle, I have a brain

I just realized that I've had the results from the CT Scan for a few days now and I never shared them on here. Well, they did find a brain, and fortunatly nothing else. Yup, no surgery needed, although Alex if you still want to bring your restraints over I won't object. I'm on a super charged course of antibiotics since the Doctor (who is not nearly as dorky as he is in his picture on that link) thinks this is all some deep rooted infection. This of course means no drinking during Mardi Gras. Ah well, health is more important than falling down drunk in front of a float and getting crushed to death. And not drinking also means that I'll have to own up to all the Popeye's I'm going to be eating since I usually blame the mass consumption of biscuits on the booze, you know you NEED them to soak up the alcohol.

Since no one else wanted to take up the task of making me a better website, Jason has started the task on his own. It's still not completed, especially since I don't like how certain things are on the side bars and I'm not thrilled with the picture on the top, but what can I do about it? I mean besides learn computer design skills, and photoshop, and put together the site on my own. I'm just too lazy to do all of that stuff; Jason designing it is much easier.

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  1. I don't see anything on the sides. Is something wrong with my computer? I was wondering what had happened to your links.