Monday, February 27, 2006

Mardi Gras Observations

Some things I've noticed about Mardi Gras this year are:

1. The parades are much shorter and faster moving because of a lack of school marching bands. I miss the bands.

2. Bacchus has a couple of floats that are known as the floats that it's okay to throw beads at. It's okay because these floats conatin no riders and the tractor drivers are protected from the flying beads. But apparently parade-goers have decided that ANY float can be a 'throw your beads at it float' which really upsets me. It upsets me because now the very beautiful floats in Endymion and Bacchus were so covered with beads that you couldn't see what the hell the front decoration was supposed to be and because the floats contain riders that were being hit with beads. The crowds weren't being mean, they weren't throwing at the riders, just the front decoration, but they were still hitting the front few riders. If that were me on the float I would have been pissed. Very very pissed. How disrespectful of us as parade-goers.

3. It's not as crowded along the routes as usual. That makes me sad.

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