Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We believe in you for 10 Earth minutes

On the way back to NOLA Jason and I stopped to have brunch with Dan and Erin and afterwards they introduced us to a wonderfully addictive video game called Katamari. There is no good way to describe the game but here goes: You are the son of the King of the Cosmos and you must roll a sticky ball around Earth to collect items to rebuild the sky. Yup, sounds pretty stupid right? Well it's not, it's totally awesome. Like play it once and go buy a Playstation 2 immeditaly so you can continue to play in your own home, awesome.

After playing for a bit, Jason and I got back in the car to complete our journey. We had driven about a mile when I couldn't help but turn to him and say "Thank god you're driving because I SOOOO want to run into that lamp post and see if it sticks to the Cooper."


  1. And it's one addiction that my wife and I both share. There's now a sequel called We Love Katamari that's more bizzare than the original.

    And if you TRULY want to go freakshow, I happen to have the soundtrack...

  2. ohhhh the soundtrack was great. It made me want to have a cocktail patry and use that for my music.

    I became so hooked on the game that Jason bought a PSP so we can buy the new "Me and My Katamari" when it comes out. I'm counting down the days.