Tuesday, March 7, 2006

International Puking Champ!

It’s 3:36 am in Paris and we can’t sleep. Thank you very much jet lag.

The airplane food on the flight here was great. I enjoyed it even more the second time I saw it when I threw up during landing. What’s really sad is that this was above and beyond the best landing I’ve ever experienced, we were on the ground and I didn’t even realize we’d complete our descent. My fellow passengers were none too happy with me since I couldn’t go to the bathroom to enjoy my purging in peace. Nope, it was an airsick bag out in front of everyone. And truly the best part was you don’t just board the plane and then run through customs here at Charles de Gaulle airport. Nope, here you puke in front of everyone and then have to board a bus with them and ride through the airport. Sweeeeet.

The rest of the day was kind of a wash after we got out of the airport. After navigating the metro (is it a metro here? Or is it a tube?) with 3 huge suitcases, 2 backpacks, and a purse, we made it to the hotel by 12:30 (as in noon:30) Our finding the hotel was thanks to a very kind older French woman that saw us standing on a street corner with a map and a very confused looks on our faces and took pity on us. She pointed us in the right direction and as it turns out we were standing less than a block from our hotels. Stupid Americans.

Once we checked into our room (which is small, very small, but bigger than I was expecting) I managed to get sick again. So the rest of our first day in Paris was spent with me becoming intimate with our Parisian toilet and Jason venturing out in the rain to try and find food for himself.

I haven’t seen much of the city yet, but the area around our hotel is beautiful and even more amazing then I thought it would be. I think in a couple of hours we’ll be getting up to grab some breakfast and start our first official day of touring. Our plans for today include touring the Louvre and going on one of the walks included in our Paris travel book.

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  1. Was the puking from drinking whiskey out of a mouthwash bottle? Sometimes the mouthwash residue can taint the booze you know.

    Just so you know - the kids are getting along real well. Yes all three of them. Lily has even gotten Stat to play a little. But we had a medical emergency last night. I was on the sofa with the blankie over me. Lily was underneath. MiMi didn't know that and took a flying leap to land on top of us. Lily grunted, scaring MiMi, who tore across my stomach, digging in claws, and ripping off one of my moles. Yuck. I was standing in the bathroom mopping the blood from my stomach. I turned to see all three of the critters sitting next to each other in the bathroom door looking at me with concerned expressions. I think they knew that they had broke me!