Sunday, March 26, 2006

Purple People Eater, almost

While in Paris and London I kept seeing people with really great hair colors. Not your normal colors that naturally grow out of people's heads either, but bright fun colors that made me think of having no worries and actually enjoying life. Of course I had to have fun hair too.

When we got home I made a hair appointment to have my hair highlighted in purple. Why purple? I haven't a clue. I think I picked it because I thought it would be nice and dark and still look good against my red hair. I also wasn't thinking lavender or anything light but rather a dark violet, almost black, color.

Before you jump ahead and think I now have purple hair, stop. It's not purple. My stylist wasn't sure what shade of purple I was thinking and therefore she didn't go buy any dyes. She offered to go over the weekend and get some and we could reschedule for during the week, but being the instant gratification person I am, I told her I was open to other color options and let's work with what she had in the salon.

Her solution was not highlights but rather a total dye job changing every little bit of hair that I have. We started by making my hair brown. A really deep chocolate brown that acts as a nice platform for the other three colors I have striped through it. She then layered an orangey red, a deep red-ish violet, and a bright red through it.

If I do say so myself, it looks AWESOME. Like, I rock and have super cool hair, awesome.



  1. I like the hair, but what's up with the emo frown you got going on? Smile. By the way, you can tell your stylist that your brightest red streaks have a RGB value of 208, 75, 80 :p

  2. I'm totally emo now Oscar. You should become emo too, all the cool kids are doing it.

  3. I'd try but I'm so lonely, sad, and depressed. Why God? Why me? Why must I persist, life is shit. I should just end it all now. If it weren't for my too tight designer, vintage t-shirt and low rise, boot cut, tight jeans, and girlie psuedo-lesbian hair, I would cease to be.

    How was that?

  4. love love love love love the hair.

  5. Oscar have you seen this: Lyrics for Fall Out Boy

    Shaler showed it to us and I was crying I was laughing so hard.

  6. Cool hair - kind of carnivalistic
    The Lyrics for Fall Out Boy reminds me of that song where they're singing "I Want Pecan Pie" remember? You said it's "I walked upon high" or something like that but I really believe they want pecan pie.

    The vet just called. Mimi has an eye infection but it could not have passed on to Lily. Cat to cat transfer only. And she weighs 13.69 pounds. Vet said she needs to go on a diet. Too much weight for her age even for a Maine Coon. She won't be happy.

  7. Mimi is going to kill and eat if you if you put her on a diet. It's been good knowing you Mom. You will be missed.

    The lyrics are "I walk upon" but maybe you really want pecan pie and you were just projecting that feeling onto the song.

  8. Ya, Eddie showed me that Fallout Boy video, funny stuff. "I a lonely dark cock that's going and pullin'" Love that line!