Friday, March 31, 2006

Tastes like your Momma's

Who knew faux fried chicken could be so damn good?!? That's what the secret chicken dish was for dinner tonight and it got thumbs up.

My mashed potatoes, however, got thumbs down. I think they only got thumbs down because I wouldn't let jparks put curry powder or lemon pepper in them and so no matter how they came out he was going to be disappointed. I thought they were pretty good for never making mashed potatoes before and making up the recipe as I went.

I would once again like to say, damn I've got mad cooking skillz.


  1. No lemon pepper on them tadders? Skills maybe, but you don't deserve the z.

  2. A recipe for mashed potatoes?

    1. Mash.
    2. ...the potatoes.

    Easyyy. :D The understood third step would of course be add Tony's.

  3. What, no curry or bananas in your food? How in the world do you expect Jason to eat that? ;)

  4. Ask Jason about the time he tried to make sushi rice in our apartment.