Sunday, March 19, 2006

you excite me no end

Recently Jason showed me that I can get a monthly report of information about my blog. Mostly it's boring computer stuff that I don't understand but there was one section of information that was pretty interesting: the search query report.

The search query report is a listing of things people have searched for that lead them to my blog. Not only does my blog have to come up as a search result, but the person has to actually click on my website from the search engine. The following is a list of things that people searched for and found me:

#reqssearch term
2what does it mean when you have no fortune in your fortune cookie
1bra salesgirl
1tornado formation lessons?
1new orleans male workout partner
1what does no fortune in a fortune cookie mean
1push up bra change room
1bradz knitting clothes
12006 icing bags
1flickr lingerie
1buttercream icing martha stewart
1out of the comfort zone
1singulair midol
1my new bff
1are women physically weaker
1february 2006 martha stewart cookie of month
1victoria secret ipex bras opinion
1comment about confucius
1you excite me no end
1opinion ipex bra
1how can i get a bigger butt
1of me at
1ipex bra opinions
1austin allergy december 2005
1what does it mean if there is no fortune in your cookie
1allergy archives in austin
1tommy lee's dormroom
1how to wear red lipstick
1my cat is smarter than your honor student
1angelina jolie jet plane personal
1nano insturctions
1ipex push up
1unbuttoned breasts
1cupcakes cartoon pictures
1only float you throw beads at
1wearing my new bra
1she proudly unbuttoned bra
1ipex victoria secret replica
1weightwatchers point value for king cake
1what regan means

Let me just say that I knew talking about my breasts would draw the readers in. And I also like that someone wanted to know how to get a bigger butt and they found me. Move over JLo, my ass is taking over!


  1. lmfao. That is too great. I wish I could do that with Xanga. XD

  2. Google might need some fixin'. I typed in "Crack Monkey" and doesn't show up.