Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Great American Pop Culture Quiz

About 2 weeks ago Entertainment Weekly published another Great American Pop Culture Quiz. I'm not sure how often they publish these quizes but the last one I remember was about 2 years ago. I also remember kicking ass on it and being really really proud that I knew my pop culture so well.

Entertainment Weekly must have known that I prided myself on scoring so high on the other quiz and created this one to come kick my ass for revenge. I only scored 44.25 out of 100 which gives me a ranking of "You're okay but kinda average, like a straight-to-DVD Disney sequel." Bastards!

Apparently I'm lacking knowledge of 80's supergroups, Arrested Development, CSI, and The Twilight Zone. On the other hand my knowledge of Sex and the City, Super Friends, cross-dressing actors, and Superman related lyrics from Eminen, R.E.M., Bonnie Tyler, and Donovan is close to perfect. And in a moment of pure geekiness I'll admit that I got the questions about Battlestar Galactica correct.

44.25! I can't believe I did so poorly. I wonder if there's a way to study for the next pop culture quiz. I must achieve a ranking of "You're like a pop culture version of that genius on Numb3rs"

Monday, April 24, 2006

The fight that NEVER ends

Every night Jason and I have the same exact fight:

me: "What do you want for dinner?"
jparks: "I don't know, what do you want?"
me: "How about pizza."
jparks: "no"
me: "Chinese?"
jparks: "no"
me: "Well, what do you want?"
jparks: "I don't know, whatever you want"
me: "Well, you shot down my two ideas, so maybe you could submit one."
jparks: "Can't you just decide!?!?"

At this point dialogue ends and pointless grumbling back and forth starts.

Seriously, you would think we could figure out a way to end this fight but other than not ever having dinner again we'll probably continue this way until the day we die.

Stupid basic human need to consume nutrients. That is our greatest weakness.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The hip new way to get high? Stripper Fumes!

Not much going on lately.

Jason and I have a rehearsal dinner to attend tomorrow night and then the wedding on Saturday. The bachelor party was last night and Jason stumbled in around 3:00am high on stripper fumes and barely standing. I took him to work this morning-ish (10:00am) and by 12:30 he was ready to come home. After sleeping part of the day and complaining about his head for the rest of it, Jason declared "Maybe I'm too old to drink like that." Ha! That'll teach him to spend money on t&a when we're broke.

Matthew Sweet was on Jay Leno last night and I was shocked by how much weight he's put on. He's no longer the young, cheek-a-licious (I had a thing for his cheeks. When I met him at House of Blues I asked if I could pinch them and he let me. I PINCHED MATTHEW SWEET'S CHEEKS!) singer I once knew. That made me sad, very very sad. And curious. Such as, I wonder how Evan Dando has held up? Or Grant-Lee Phillips. I hope they didn't have to move into cardboxes when the 90's ended.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For the love of all things pure and good, DO NOT MOVE TO THE BAY AREA

Today I went apartment hunting in the Bay Area. Tonight I attempted to throw myself into traffic on 101. Luckily Jason was able to lure me down with a bottle of wine and a mini dark chocolate bar.

First problem encountered: Slightly racist, extremely self-centered, talkative yet deaf to anything not uttered in his own voice real estate agent 'helping' me locate apartments.

Second problem encountered: The delightful agent didn't listen to a word I said when I explained what we were looking for in apartments and decided to drive me around the Bay Area to a bunch of apartments that were totally not what I was looking for.

Third problem encountered: The apartments he brought me to were not only not what I was looking for as far as amenities go but they were also crappy. Crappy like "Why does this place smell like cat pee?" crappy. Crappy like "You don't say that the 1970's exploded in this kitchen and sprayed itself all over the appliances" crappy.

Fourth problem encounter: My agent has one-night stands with women that work in the leasing offices and therefore creates quite a nice environment to bring clients like me into. Apparently, most of these women didn't realize this was only a one-night stand and are upset that he never called. So yeah, lots of the leasing agents were super happy to see him.

By the end of the day I still hadn't found a place to live, but I had found a massive headache. I can't believe that you can barely find a one bedroom for $1500 with a washer and dryer and air conditioner. This place sucks.

I did finally find a place. It's the same exact apartment complex that our corporate housing is located in. And the real estate agent didn't even recommend I look here. Yeah, he was so much help. I'm happy that I found a place but at the same time I wouldn't wish apartment hunting in this area on my worst enemy. Yeah, actually I would wish it on them and I would make sure they have to go with my agent. Ohhh even better, I would make them go out on a date with my agent.

*edit* I forgot the bird poop. Yup, I actually got crapped on by a bird at the first complex. Not a good sign. I should have given up right then.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Choco Chip Abominations

I used to think there was no downside to being a baking genius, but today I've found out that not only is there a downside, but it's a really crap infested, foul tasting, boring downside.

See, it being a holiday and all I really wanted to make a nice meal and end it with fresh baked goods. But since my mixer is somewhere in the middle of the United States right now, I couldn't really accomplish the fresh baked goods portion of the task. So I settled for choco chip cookies, ready to bake, from a tube and was shocked at how they tasted.

How dare Pillsbury call these abominations choco chip cookies! The worst part was that I used to really love tube cookies. They used to be my simple, easy answer to homemade goodness.

Sigh, being a baking genius has ruined any chance I had of being lazy ever again. Good news for everyone that gets to eat my desserts. Bad news for me since I'll be spending every holiday elbow deep in dough from here out.

Of course we ate the abominations, just after every bite I had to say "Mine are better"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alex, this one's for you

It's a picture of California asphalt. And a smidge of mountain for some added excitement.



Blue Skies! Mountains! and I'm inside.

It's been raining since we arrived in Sunnyvale and today for the first time the sky cleared up and revealed itself to be blue, contrary to popular belief. It was beautiful outside but since I haven't a clue about how to enjoy the weather or where to enjoy the weather I was left taking pictures from our balcony.

And for those of you in flat land, that's a mountain in the background. A real mountain. I've learned they are bigger than levees and Monkey Hill.

Blue Skies!  Mountains!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Settle an arguement for me

Which one of the following is a statement and which one is a question:

1) Let's go to the Thai restaurant for dinner.

2) Do you want to go to the Thai restaurant for dinner?


grumble grumble grumble

If you're trying to call me and for some reason you can't get through it's because Cingular is stupid. Really really stupid. I signed up for auto pay and they never started it. So this past month's bill went unpaid and they shut off my services. And now that I've paid my bill in full one would think my service would be turned back on, but no, it's still shut off. Stupid Cingular. How am I supposed to live without a cell phone? What am I supposed to do while driving?

Everyone knows those last lines were dripping with sarcasm, right? I need a sarcasm font.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Greetings from Sunnyvale!

Am in California, alive and not covered in my own puke. All the animals survived their first plane trip and seem to be enjoying our super fancy corporate apartment.

I'm still having trouble accepting the fact that I live in California. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to be here, but it doesn't seem real, like California isn't a place normal people live. Somehow in my mind it's a place that only fabulously wealthy, beautiful people live and everyone else can visit, but not stay. After 10 days in California the pretty police come around and throw your plain ass out into Nevada.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

California here we come

The movers came on Friday and loaded up the apartment. They also spilled coffee across the dining room carpet and wall, broke the garbage disposal, and forgot to pack two bathroom drawers. I can't wait to see how much of our stuff actually gets to California in it's original condition.

The cars were picked up today by the shipping company and we fly out tomorrow afternoon with the animals. Wish us luck with the drugged kitties on the plane. Wish me luck so I don't puke during landing.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

damn you google!

Jon pointed out that if you Google my name all you pull up is a paper I wrote in 6th grade about dressing an 11 year-old girl for the winter (even back then my priorities were straight, give me a research paper to write and dammit, I'll figure out a way to write it on shopping)

Jason suggested that I try Google Blog Search and see if my name comes up there. If you search for Regan Weymouth, Mike Schleifstein's site comes up with a link to Formation of Me, but my actual blog doesn't pull up.

Okay, so that's annoying, but let's be more vague and see what you get. If you just search for Regan, I'm the first thing to pop up, as long as I've posted more recently than those other people who have my name. Yeah, I'm talking about you Ms. Denise Regan and Mr. Dan Regan (and I'm sure you are nice people and all, but I want to be number one)

So Jason's first order of business at Google is to rig it so that anytime you search for anything even close to my name, Formation of Me pops up as your only option. Okay, as you first 10 options and then I'll allow them to list other blogs.

In other news, my ego is getting crazy out of control.

The downside of procrastination

ugh, have fallen behind in moving duties. Even though the moving company packs for us we still have to set aside anything not getting packed (cooking oils, cleaning supplies, clothes we are bringing ourselves, animals) and I haven't started on that yet.

I have, however, successfully watched a good number of Alias' season 4 episodes, played Katamari, caught up with reading my magazines, watched some reruns of Friends, and played with Lily. You know, high priority type of things.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Giving the people what they want

Last month 10 people stumbled onto my blog looking for opinions about Ipex bras. So far this month 3 people have done the same thing and we're only on the 4th day of April. I figure it's my duty to give the people what they want and actually produce an opinion about the Ipex bra.

And, unfortunately, I'm not being paid by Victoria's Secret, but I will accept a free bra or two in return for the favorable opinion they are about to receive.

I bought the ipex bra awhile back and can honestly say that I've been really happy with it thus far. Happy enough to return to Victoria's Secret and buy a few more, in fact. I love the material they are made out of; it has a nice amount of stretch to it without losing shape quickly. The ipex provides great coverage and lift without being obnoxious.

My favorite feature of the ipex is the extra coverage it provides right across the nipple area. (Yeah we're talking about nipples here boys, starting getting nervous) Victoria's Secret just says the bra has extra coverage in the nipple area, but I'm here to tell you that the coverage is perfect on cold days. Not a single person will know you're freezing, yaknowwhatImean? I love the ipex for this added feature. Most bras that conceal cold nipples are also so thick it's like wearing a blanket under your shirt. But not the ipex, it gives great coverage without the heft of a thick bra.

So there you have it, a glowing review of the ipex bra. And if Victoria's Secret wants to send me a thank you they can shop my wish list online.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Wonder Showzen

There's a series on MTV2 called Wonder Showzen that's a parody of kid's tv shows. After reading an article in Entertainment Weekly about it I had to go find clips online because the show sounded, ummmm, interesting. After watching a few clips I can confirm that yup, interesting is the correct word to describe Wonder Showzen.

California, the good and the bad

Good things about moving to California:

  • 2 Ikeas near me

  • Jason will be working in an office so I won’t have to kill him

  • Avocados the size of my head (or so I’ve heard)

  • I’ll finally feel at home among the beautiful people

Bad things about moving to California:

  • Hippies

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger will be my governor

  • I have to dye my hair blonde and learn how to surf (yes, this is a bad thing since I’m afraid of sharks, jellyfish, and giant squid. And people with blonde hair)

  • Earthquakes

  • I'll have to learn a new language: geek

What am I forgetting?

Drugged Kitties

In order to transport our animals to California the airline has decided they must all be sedated. So I took Molly and Tangi to the vet for checkups and a prescription of kitty knock out drugs. The vet was concerned about us sedating them and suggested we do a trial run for a few reasons:
1) after meeting Tangi he was not so sure we'd be able to administer pills to her
2) he didn't know how long it would take for the drugs to take affect with our cats
3) he didn't know how sedate I wanted them so we needed to administer half a pill each and see what happens.

About 40 minutes ago we gave each cat half a pill and now Tangi is hyper, running around chasing things only she can see and having cat conversations with no one. And Molly is walking sideways with half opened eyes.

Outcome: half a pill for Molly is good. Tangi may need to be given vodka and a whole pill to knock her out.