Monday, April 3, 2006

California, the good and the bad

Good things about moving to California:

  • 2 Ikeas near me

  • Jason will be working in an office so I won’t have to kill him

  • Avocados the size of my head (or so I’ve heard)

  • I’ll finally feel at home among the beautiful people

Bad things about moving to California:

  • Hippies

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger will be my governor

  • I have to dye my hair blonde and learn how to surf (yes, this is a bad thing since I’m afraid of sharks, jellyfish, and giant squid. And people with blonde hair)

  • Earthquakes

  • I'll have to learn a new language: geek

What am I forgetting?


  1. Sara? Hello?

    I can squeeze into a suitcase if we try really really hard...

  2. I think you are forgetting the wine! I would like to put it in the Good

  3. "Avocados the side of my head..."

    You should have that looked at.

  4. don't you hate when you make a spelling error the computer doesn't catch.

  5. While you won't be in L.A., you'll still be closer to Dr. 90210. I'd say that's a good thing. You might want to pick up the move Valley Girl to get a headstart on the language. You're also going to need to get a tan. That will be a first!

  6. I am sad to admit I love that show. :X

  7. I watched part of one episode of Dr. 90210 and the doctor guy was doing tai chi in the middle of his street and I was too embarassed for him to finish the episode.

  8. Don't forget the Asian and Samoan (or Semoin) population

  9. I've been in CA for two months, and so far I've not been forced to tan, dye my hair blond, or acknowledge that the Terminator is my governor. I also haven't seen any hippies. I've seen surfers once. I have seen lots of geeks. In San Jose, beautiful people are somewhat lacking, but it's better in San Francisco. The biggest disadvantage I've noticed is that shrimp are really expensive. However, there are two Lush stores nearby, and there are flowers everywhere. When you get here, can we go to the Japanese garden in Golden Gate Park?

  10. Lauren we HAVE to go to the japanese garden. I didn't get to go last time I visited jason but I saw it and it looked very cool.