Sunday, April 16, 2006

Choco Chip Abominations

I used to think there was no downside to being a baking genius, but today I've found out that not only is there a downside, but it's a really crap infested, foul tasting, boring downside.

See, it being a holiday and all I really wanted to make a nice meal and end it with fresh baked goods. But since my mixer is somewhere in the middle of the United States right now, I couldn't really accomplish the fresh baked goods portion of the task. So I settled for choco chip cookies, ready to bake, from a tube and was shocked at how they tasted.

How dare Pillsbury call these abominations choco chip cookies! The worst part was that I used to really love tube cookies. They used to be my simple, easy answer to homemade goodness.

Sigh, being a baking genius has ruined any chance I had of being lazy ever again. Good news for everyone that gets to eat my desserts. Bad news for me since I'll be spending every holiday elbow deep in dough from here out.

Of course we ate the abominations, just after every bite I had to say "Mine are better"


  1. The ones they put out at Halloween with the pumpkins and ghosts on them are the best. ;)

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