Thursday, April 6, 2006

damn you google!

Jon pointed out that if you Google my name all you pull up is a paper I wrote in 6th grade about dressing an 11 year-old girl for the winter (even back then my priorities were straight, give me a research paper to write and dammit, I'll figure out a way to write it on shopping)

Jason suggested that I try Google Blog Search and see if my name comes up there. If you search for Regan Weymouth, Mike Schleifstein's site comes up with a link to Formation of Me, but my actual blog doesn't pull up.

Okay, so that's annoying, but let's be more vague and see what you get. If you just search for Regan, I'm the first thing to pop up, as long as I've posted more recently than those other people who have my name. Yeah, I'm talking about you Ms. Denise Regan and Mr. Dan Regan (and I'm sure you are nice people and all, but I want to be number one)

So Jason's first order of business at Google is to rig it so that anytime you search for anything even close to my name, Formation of Me pops up as your only option. Okay, as you first 10 options and then I'll allow them to list other blogs.

In other news, my ego is getting crazy out of control.

1 comment:

  1. Blog search, that's nifty.

    Tell Jason to invent other cool internet tracking things when he has the ability to do so.