Monday, April 3, 2006

Drugged Kitties

In order to transport our animals to California the airline has decided they must all be sedated. So I took Molly and Tangi to the vet for checkups and a prescription of kitty knock out drugs. The vet was concerned about us sedating them and suggested we do a trial run for a few reasons:
1) after meeting Tangi he was not so sure we'd be able to administer pills to her
2) he didn't know how long it would take for the drugs to take affect with our cats
3) he didn't know how sedate I wanted them so we needed to administer half a pill each and see what happens.

About 40 minutes ago we gave each cat half a pill and now Tangi is hyper, running around chasing things only she can see and having cat conversations with no one. And Molly is walking sideways with half opened eyes.

Outcome: half a pill for Molly is good. Tangi may need to be given vodka and a whole pill to knock her out.


  1. [...] Perform a trial run of sedating the cats [...]

  2. When we moved from L.A. to Jackson, the airline we used insisted that we not sedate the cats in case they have some adverse reaction to the drug while in flight. Needless to say they were PO'ed when Stacey picked them up.