Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Great American Pop Culture Quiz

About 2 weeks ago Entertainment Weekly published another Great American Pop Culture Quiz. I'm not sure how often they publish these quizes but the last one I remember was about 2 years ago. I also remember kicking ass on it and being really really proud that I knew my pop culture so well.

Entertainment Weekly must have known that I prided myself on scoring so high on the other quiz and created this one to come kick my ass for revenge. I only scored 44.25 out of 100 which gives me a ranking of "You're okay but kinda average, like a straight-to-DVD Disney sequel." Bastards!

Apparently I'm lacking knowledge of 80's supergroups, Arrested Development, CSI, and The Twilight Zone. On the other hand my knowledge of Sex and the City, Super Friends, cross-dressing actors, and Superman related lyrics from Eminen, R.E.M., Bonnie Tyler, and Donovan is close to perfect. And in a moment of pure geekiness I'll admit that I got the questions about Battlestar Galactica correct.

44.25! I can't believe I did so poorly. I wonder if there's a way to study for the next pop culture quiz. I must achieve a ranking of "You're like a pop culture version of that genius on Numb3rs"

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