Thursday, April 20, 2006

The hip new way to get high? Stripper Fumes!

Not much going on lately.

Jason and I have a rehearsal dinner to attend tomorrow night and then the wedding on Saturday. The bachelor party was last night and Jason stumbled in around 3:00am high on stripper fumes and barely standing. I took him to work this morning-ish (10:00am) and by 12:30 he was ready to come home. After sleeping part of the day and complaining about his head for the rest of it, Jason declared "Maybe I'm too old to drink like that." Ha! That'll teach him to spend money on t&a when we're broke.

Matthew Sweet was on Jay Leno last night and I was shocked by how much weight he's put on. He's no longer the young, cheek-a-licious (I had a thing for his cheeks. When I met him at House of Blues I asked if I could pinch them and he let me. I PINCHED MATTHEW SWEET'S CHEEKS!) singer I once knew. That made me sad, very very sad. And curious. Such as, I wonder how Evan Dando has held up? Or Grant-Lee Phillips. I hope they didn't have to move into cardboxes when the 90's ended.

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