Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Falling prey to the beast that is my space

So I've fallen to the power of my space.

It started with Sara pointing out that yes; you can find musicians on my space. When I told her I didn't have a my space account Sara kindly pointed out that she searched for me and yes I did have an account. Apparently I blocked it from my mind that I had created an account at some past point in time. But the promise of new music was not enough to get me onto my space.

Jump ahead a couple of days and Jason and I have dinner with Chris and Alicia. Alicia is a teacher of junior high aged kids and we had a discussion about how my space is ruled by tweens and I feel too old to be on there. Alicia pointed out that it's great for everyone as a way to keep in touch with old friends. That was the deal breaker for me because lately I've been trying to google, very unsuccessfully, some friends that I've lost touch with.

So now I have a my space account (grumble grumble grumble). If you have one too you're more than welcome to check me out, although my page is pretty basic. I don't plan on making it fancy or adding backgrounds and I really don't plan on making mine play music because nothing drives me more insane than that.


  1. Good, good, Evil wins again! Bwahahahaha!

  2. Oh and

    I love how you adults say "My Space" as two words. It's really cute.

    You know, in a completely non-adolescent-and-hip-with-the-internet-lingo way. ;)

  3. Eep.

    I hope mine doesn't drive you insane. :X But I always pause everyone's music but mine... heh.

  4. well thank you very much Sara. You managed to make me feel 400 years old.

    bitch. yeah, that's right I said it. bitch. I think that's the exact correct word for someone that manges to make a 26 year old feel old.

    Now excuse me my support hose are riding up.

  5. My work here is done.

    (and you know you've still "got it," whatever the hell "it" is that young people have)