Friday, May 5, 2006

It smells better than one of those little cardboard trees, that's for sure.

Today they cut the grass and trimmed the trees in our complex. Afterwards it smelled like sun, pine, and green. I am officially making this one of my favorite scents. I hope the landscaping team comes out frequently.

On another note I've discover an effective weight loss plan. It's called the food poisoning diet and it works really well. On Tuesday night I ate some bad shrimp and spent the rest of the night hugging a toilet. Wednesday I could only consume a bottle of Pedialyte, which is by far the most disgusting fluid ever. It's just thick enough to coat your throat on the way down and the taste lingers so you wish for death before drinking more. Mmm, mmm good. The label says do not add water, but adding water was the only way I could choke it down.

By Thursday the desire to wrap my body around the cool, calming surface of the toilet had disappeared but my appetite still hadn't returned. Score! Chicken soup was about the only thing I wanted. Even thinking about anything more than that made me feel like locking myself in the bathroom again.

Today I feel better but I'm still not hungry. I wonder if your stomach can shrink in 2 days. I wonder how much longer I won't want to consume all the food in the house.

Oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo. Go out, have a margarita, live it up a little.


  1. No, tonsilitis is definitely the best diet. I lost like five pounds in four days.

    Or mono, if you really want something that'll knock you out. :X