Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lauren's Birthday CrawLobster Boil

Lauren's birthday was Wednesday and to celebrate we decided to boil lobsters as if they were crawfish. The thought process was: Lobster= crawfish on steroids. Crawfish on steroids= flavor x 1,000,000= delicious. How could we possibly be wrong with those calculations?!?

The first thing we didn't consider was that Jason wasn't going to be around and we would have to handle live, angry lobsters. After trying to pick them up with tongs and failing at it, Lauren suited up in what she felt was appropriate Lobster protective gear:

We managed to get them into their pots, but just barely. This guy wasn't going to die without a fight:

When we were done boiling them we set them up for a romantic photo op complete with roses. Look it's true love, they're holding claws.

Getting the meat out was hard work. It took a meat mallet, hammer, and brute force to just break through the shells or exo-skeletons or whatever the correct word is. At one point lobster juice was flying everywhere, like a bad Gallagher show. I'm pretty sure this is why they give you bibs in fancy restaurants.


In the end, I hate to admit it, but the lobster was a bit of a let down. They are way more work then crawfish to peel and they didn't absorb any of the crab boil flavor. Plus I think we boiled them too long and the meat was a little rubbery. But the biggest disappoint is that since lobsters are huge and mean you can't race them like you can with crawfish before you cook them.

There are a few more pictures from our boiling adventure posted here if you're interested.

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