Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Living like it's 1994...

...or some other year before the internet.

We moved into our new apartment on Monday and by Tuesday we were supposed to have cable and internet. Supposed is the keyword in that sentence. Jason didn't want to pay the instillation fee for internet and told me he could take care of it himself. The problem with this is Comcast, the local cable/internet provider, wants your money, especially $100 for internet instillation, because according to Jason it's the easiest $100 they can make. So when he tried to install our internet, it didn't work. Figures. Stupid Comcast.

After spending a half hour on the phone with the Comcast representative we still didn't have internet, but they promised to call us back within 24 hours. It's now 20 hours later and we still haven't heard from them. I'm also willing to put money down that we don't hear from them in the next 4 hours. I'm also willing to go double or nothing that we'll have to call them back and that we won't have internet in the next few days.

But at least we'll have saved our $100 set up fee. We'll need that money to buy blood pressure medicine for Jason, because I guarantee he's going to need some after talking to those Comcast reps again.

And how am I posting this you ask? Well, if you go sit in the middle of the field in our complex there are some internet connections you can borrow. Thank you to my fellow residents, keep paying those internet bills on time, I depend on you!

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  1. Cox Cable charges an outrageous fee to do easy work also. I think the last time I moved they wanted eighty bucks or so to "install" the modem. This required plugging in the power supply, and hooking up the coaxial cable. I opted to keep my money and call the Cox representative (who was in India) to give him my modem's MAC address. It's a great racket, I need to get into this biz. ...that and textbooks.