Friday, May 26, 2006

You should see it, I'm doing a happy dance

I got a job, I got a job!

I received word when we arrived in Austin that I am now the campaign coordinator for March of Dimes in Silicon Valley. This means not only was I rehired by MOD but I was given a promotion! Sweet!

I know I neglected to mention I had a job interview and stuff on here, but it seemed like bad luck. Plus what if my potential boss googled me, and found my blog? She'd see me bragging about how I had a job interview and that might make her think I'm cocky and then she might not want to hire me. Yeah, it wouldn't be the nake male butts that would have turned her off of me, it would have totally been my bragging.

So a new job means, wait for it, wait for it, shopping for new work clothes! And not just clothes but the kind of clothes I love, office appropriate attire. High heels, skirts, and other girly things! eppp!!! I can't contain myself!!! Thank god the new 2 story Banana Republic is about to open in the mall by my apartment. Perfect timing.

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