Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm not a groupie, I'm a band aid.

How was the Counting Crows concert you ask? Pretty damn good. Except for that other band that played; I was a little less than impressed with them. But Counting Crows were excellent, much much better than I was hoping they would be.

But I do have some words of advice for Mr. Adam Duritz. You see, Mr. Duritz came out before the show to drop off a set list at the sound booth and a group of fans gathered around him. Mr. Duritz was pretty miserable about said group of fans but reluctantly signed autographes and took pictures. My words of advice are: if you don't want to be bothered before the show, stay backstage. I'm sure you have a roadie or someone to run your errands. And if you must come out, at least smile a little when dorky girls want to take a picture with you.


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