Tuesday, June 13, 2006

If I weren't so tired I would come up with a better title than this

Why have there been no posts lately? Well life is boring and routine and I can't find one good thing to discuss on here. And I can't access my blog from work and therefore can't spend my lunch hour making a post. Yes, I understand that March of Dimes wants me to get some work done during the day but it would be awfully nice if they could also let me have acccess to my lovely site to write about how happy I am to be working for them (for true-sies, I am happy to be working for them).

In other news I'm in search of the perfect brief case/ laptop bag. It should hold a 12" iBook, my fancy schamcy new planner (did you click on the link? Isn't it oh so adult of me to have a planner?), and a Moleskin notebook. Apparently they make bags that fit this description, but they are designed for aging hipster college professors or young hip guys that work at tech companies. They are not designed for girls that are hip yet understand a messenger bag can't go everywhere. Sorry, I'm not really mad at aging hipster college professors, I'm just tired and cranky. I guess I should go to bed.

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