Saturday, June 24, 2006

living life in the fast lane

What a fun, slow weekend Jason and I have had thus far. In the past few weeks it seems like we rarely get to spend time at home and since we somehow managed to get a weekend with no plans we decided to use that to be homebodies, do some cleaning, and maybe get some dangle time in (aka go to the climbing gym). And Jason had time to sort his Warlord cards and work on his D&D story. Oh yeah! He was double dorking this weekend.

The weekend started Friday night with the Radiohead concert in Berkeley. The venue was really nice, an outdoor Greek style theater that was just the perfect size for concerts. I was amazed by the fog that rolled into the theatre as dusk hit, until I realized it wasn't fog, just huge quantities of pot smoke. You would have been hard pressed to find anyone besides Jason and I that wasn't stoned. In fact, I'm pretty sure just sitting in that theatre got us a little stoned. Jason did ask for five more churros when he was finished the one I bought him.

Anyway, the show was good. Thom Yorke had technical problems with mics and such all throughout the set and got to throw hissy fits at his crew. A few times I was sure he was going to storm off the stage and I know I wasn't the only person thinking that. There were a few moments it seemed the whole crowd held their breath to see if he was going to continue with the set. Or maybe everyone had just taken a hit and was holding it in. Now that think of it, the silences were followed by everyone coughing when they exhaled.

When Radiohead left the stage during their first break Jason turned to me and asked if I wanted to go. And in true 80-year-old style I said yeah. I remember when you wouldn't have been able to drag me out of a venue even after the band was done, the lights were on, and security was dragging all the knocked out moshers off the pit floor. But last night it just seemed like a good idea to leave during the first break. Jason had heard the songs he wanted to hear and I had gotten up at 7am for work that morning, so why not beat traffic and leave ahead of the crowd? On the way out of the gates we were handed AARP cards and told we were officially eligible for senior citizen discounts at Denny's.

This morning Jason had his belay class at Planet Granite and once he was done with that we got our climb on. And by "got our climb on" I mean: got about half way up the wall while 9 year-olds flew past us on much harder walls, laughing and mocking us the whole time. I think I was called granny by one of them.

Okay so it wasn't that bad, but the gym was crawling with kids that were doing much better than Jason and I. We tried a few medium level walls and couldn't manage to complete them. We were there for a couple of hours and were tired and beaten up at the end of it. Well, Jason was beat up. He slammed into the wall of the way down one time and got a scrapped knee and elbow. That'll teach him for making me dangle.

Tonight we've hung out at the apartment, not doing much of anything. As I previously mentioned, Jason played with his Warlord cards and worked on his D&D story. I did some laundry, washed some dishes, and ironed. Hells yeah, I'm just like Donna Reed. Give me a pair of pearls and the transformation will be complete.

I hate to admit it, but my plans for tomorrow aren't much more excited than tonight's. I've got to do some more cleaning, read some of magazines that are piling up and overtaking the living room, and maybe run back to the gym to use their fancy schmancy workout equipment. If I'm feeling really adventurous I might run to the mall to return some things I bought, but don't fit.

I know, it's hard to imagine how any life can be this fast paced and exciting. It's a darn good thing I bought a planner to keep track of everything.

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