Monday, July 31, 2006

ohhhh, the fall shoes are starting to come out

I'm too tired to post about BlogHer. I was up at 6am and ran all over the Country Club for many hours. The good news is that the Golf Tournament was a success and I get to keep my job. The bad news is that my calves are rebelling against me and aching in a way I never knew they could.

Since I'm exhausted beyond the point of making sense I thought I would just post a picture of some shoes that I really realllllly love. I know there is nothing overly special about these shoes, but damn, they complete me in a way I never knew could happen. In the past I thought other shoes completed me, but I see that that was false. And unpure. These shoes are the real thing.

My Soul Mates

They are the perfect: sensible and fashionable. They had me at hello.

But I might consider cheating on them with these:


wait, wait, wait! I just found these:
more shoes

too many shoes to choose from...brain in overload...need to get a second job


  1. The middle pair have my name written all over them. They're beautiful! Glad to see you inherited my shoe passion.


    *pokes eyeballs out*

  3. What's everyone got against wedges all of a sudden?

  4. I love wedges. Sara, however, has some mental defect that does not allow her to enjoy wedge shoes. I can't begin to understand what is wrong with her.

  5. I think there are pills for that.