Thursday, July 20, 2006

on my way to becoming a real blogger

Next weekend is the Blogher convention in San Jose and, seeing as that's basically my backyard, I'll be attending the 2nd day of girly blogging festivities. I'll be there, rubbing elbows with some of the world's most vocal female bloggers, or (what's more likely to happen) hanging around the edges of the room that contain some of the world's most vocal female bloggers.

While Day 1 has a couple of panel discussions I'm interested in, it's on a Friday and I have that silly little thing called work. So I'll be attending Day 2, which has its fair share of interesting panel discussions.

And since I'm going to the conference I also decided to add my humble little domain to Blogher's blogroll. By registering it I have the option to add a description about my blog, which has just left me completly frozen with writer's block. It seems like the most impossible thing in the world to write about myself and while I understand that keeping a blog is writing about myself, this little description seems impossible. I mean, how can I describe me and my life in a few paragraphs? How does one portray an obsession with the world's cutest dog without sounding crazy? How can I explain that my lust for books is so strong that the list of books to be read is forever growing and slowly taking over the house? How can I explain that I'm fighting to keep me sanity while living with jparks?

This "about me" blurb has been something I've worked on since I started Formation of Me and it's something I still haven't finished. Actually, I'm not sure when I'll finish, or if I'll ever finish. I guess people that stumble here will just have to read the posts and figure me out for themselves. Sorry. I wish I could help you decipher me, but I can't.

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  1. If living with Jason doesn't garner you at least sympathetic readers, throw in a little "Katrina evacuee" pathos. You'll have dooce-level readership in no time.

    By the way... caps sensitivity is a bitch.